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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ride-a-Bike Right Gets Kids Off Training Wheels

Photo Credit: Crick Media 

Ride-a-Bike Right has been very busy of late, delivering AustCycle courses to adults in the Playford community, bringing bike handling skills to primary schools and taking on new coach Michelle Crick.

Lee-Anne Fleming, owner and director of Ride-a-Bike Right, said the courses have been a great success.

“Term 2 has been a great one for Ride-a-Bike Right,” Lee-Anne told AustCycle. “At the second session, one 50 year-old lady proudly said that she had been able to ride up a previously “impossible hill” because now she understood how to use her gears”.

The business also delivered AustCycle training courses to three primary schools across Adelaide, drastically improving the bike handling skills of the children.

Of the 637 children involved in the course, 197 were on training wheels when the program commenced - meaning only 66% could ride a bike. However, on completion of the program 86% of the children could successfully ride without training wheels.

Lee-Anne said that helping children learn to ride without training wheels is an amazing feeling.

“I love giving kids the keys to unlock their ability to change their outlook,” she said.

And, it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down for Ride-a-Bike Right any time soon.

“I am looking forward to extending my cycling education skills with AustCycle over the coming months,” Lee-Anne said.  

AustCycle would like to officially welcome Michelle Crick to the team, and would like to congratulate Ride-a-Bike Right for all the great work they have been doing!

If you would like to get in touch with Lee-Anne she can be reached via email on info@rideabikeright.com.au.


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