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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pittwater and Warringah locals get back on their bikes

Pittwater Lisa2

(photo credit: Sydney Bike Skills)

Pittwater and Warringah Councils have been helping local residents get back on their bikes, offering free AustCycle skills and bike maintenance courses for families, school aged children and seniors around Narrabeen Lake.

The senior workshops, which were one-day courses run as part of Seniors Week 2013, targeted riders aged 60 years and over and were particularly popular with both workshops completely booking out.

All skills courses were run by AustCycle Provider Sydney Bike Skills and covered everything from helmet fit, bike safety inspection, correct riding positions, bike maintenance, road rules to shared path etiquette.

Participant Denise Kuessner, who attended the senior workshop, said she now feels a lot safer and more confident on her bike.

“Safety on the course was excellent and the techniques they showed us were really good. My favourite parts were riding through the witches hats and going on the group ride at the end where the teacher came along with us and explained possible hazards and things like overtaking and how to share the path with others”.

Denise attended the course because she recently purchased a new bike and wanted to make sure that she knew all the rules for bicycle paths and traffic, as well as how to look after her bike if anything went wrong.

Another participant Janet Carter also attended the senior workshop after buying a new bike, as she said bikes have changed a lot since she was child and she wasn’t confident using gears or front brakes.

Janet had nothing but praise for AustCycle Teacher Lisa McHarg who ran the workshop, saying that her teaching skills helped each person improve their skills.

“I thought she was really good and I noticed that every single person there improved. There were such a wide variety of skills among those who turned up but nobody fell off and by the end we were all riding around the lake together. I put this down to her teaching and her ability to convey confidence. I would highly recommend Lisa. I also thought the council was excellent as we had morning tea, lunch and sunscreen provided”.

Janet said the women from the course had been keeping in touch and doing rides together when their schedules permitted. Both ladies also expressed an interest in doing another AustCycle course in a few months time to further improve the skills they learned.

If you live in the Northern Beaches and would like to get back on your bike and improve your cycling skills don’t hesitate to contact Lisa McHarg on 0414 517 756. For teachers in other regions, visit the AustCycle website to find out the closest course to you. 


Pittwater Lisa

Pittwater Lisa3


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