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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kapara residents’ joyride

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For Esther Trowse getting back on the bike after more than 35 years was a fantastic experience.

She was one of the ACH Group Kapara residents invited to experience the joy bike riding offers during a three-week activity, run by Ride-A-Bike Right and funded through AustCycle and the Holdfast Bay Council Healthy Communities Program.

“I rode bicycles until I was 50 but haven’t ridden in a long time. At first I was a bit nervous but I built a lot of confidence with this activity and it was a good exercise; it was social and fun,” said Esther.

Amanda Hallett, of ACH Group, was one of the organisers and said residents had a great time riding.

“Some residents’ said that the activity took them back to their childhood and there was even an element of competitive spirit, with good friends wanting to ‘outlap’ each other,” Amanda said.

ACH Group promotes Good Lives for Older People by encouraging and supporting customers to engage in different activities, be active and keep learning.

“Kapara staff are planning to obtain an adult tricycle so that riding can be a regular activity for residents,” Amanda added.

Ride-A-Bike Right director Lee-Anne Fleming presented Kapara with four helmets as a kick start to make this an ongoing activity.

“We thank ACH Group for embracing this project and giving the residents opportunity to try something different and we hope this becomes an ongoing activity,” Lee-Anne said.

Holdfast Bay Council team said they were happy to be involved.

For further information or comment, please contact Celeste Lustosa on (08) 8159 3633, 0427 384 150 or CLustosa@ach.org.au.

To contact Lee-Anne for an AustCycle program in South Australia, call 0431 120 802 or email info@rideabikeright.com.au.




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