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Monday, 17 December 2012

Ipswich residents Cycle Away

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AustCycle Teachers headed to Ipswich last month to deliver free cycle training to the community, where participants battled through heat and injury to improve their bike handling skills.

Five free sessions were run for local residents as part of Ipswich City Council’s Healthy Communities Initiative, including two bike handling skills lessons, two group rides and a bike maintenance session.

Elaine Killen, AustCycle accredited Teacher under Cycle Away, said the course went extremely well, despite temperatures reaching into the thirties on some of the days, and that everyone learned new skills.

“Most participants gained enough skills and confidence to ride again, especially on the road. The participants were all gutsy and determined and overcame problems with injury, bike problems and even theft”.

“The group was such a success story and had bonded together on a previous Healthy Communities course run by the council. They all got along so well that they decided to do another course together and they thought would try out AustCycle”.

The group included people across a wide range of skill levels, from complete beginners to those re-learning to ride after a long hiatus to those using trikes for the first time. Two participants purchased bikes just for the course, but there was one rider that Elaine said she was particularly proud of.

“One of the ladies hadn’t ridden since she was a child so it took a lot of work to get her confidence up. She fell off within ten seconds of being on a bike but two minutes later she was up and back on her bike. We worked with her each session and by the end of the second one she was feeling confident enough to ride on her own”.

“I was so impressed with her because she overcame such adversity and she never, ever gave up”.

Ipswich City Council is looking to run more free cycling courses in 2013, so to find out more or register your interest please contact the Healthy Communities coordinator on HAPIIpswich@Ipswich.qld.gov.au or visit their website here.

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