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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How an AustCycle course changed a life

If anyone can attest to how an AustCycle course can change your life, that person would be Hazel Mack.

Since completing an AustCycle course in South Australia through Provider Ride-a-Bike Right, Hazel has been experiencing both mental and physical benefits, which she says have been spring boarding in to other areas of her life, including a 5kg weight loss and a growing interest in nutrition.

Hazel now rides to work everyday, a 13km commute, and has been encouraging work colleagues to get fit and back on a bike, motivating them to enrol in other events in their local area.

On top of this, Hazel’s husband and her now ride together on a regular basis, signing up for the Bike SA Grand Slam series, which is a 100km ride in November that they are now training for. The pair have even had to secure a babysitter so that they can go out riding, something Hazel cannot believe she now needs.  

After a three-year hiatus from riding, Hazel decided to get back on her bike to improve her fitness levels. She used to enjoy riding but after two falls lacked the confidence to keep going. Thankfully, her husband saw an advertisement on Facebook for an AustCycle course in West Torrens and encouraged her to sign up.

It was while doing this bike handling skills course that Hazel gained the confidence and skills to get back on her bike and change her life.

If you live in South Australia and are interested in re-gaining your confidence on a bike, contact Lee-Anne Fleming from Ride-a-Bike Right on 0431 120 802.



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