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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

HCI Cycle Training Kicks Off In The Shire of Kalamunda


Cycling WA has been helping residents get active and back on their bikes in The Shire of Kalamunda.

The AustCycle skills course was delivered as part of Kalamunda’s Healthy Life Challenge, which is funded under the Australian Government’s Healthy Communities Initiative and is designed to give the Shire’s residents the skills and confidence to use cycling as a means of transport, physical activity or recreation.

Claire South, Cycling WA’s Development Manager, said participants came along to the six-week course for a variety of reasons.

“Some had never ridden a bike, some wanted to get their confidence back and some hadn’t ridden a bike for 60 years!” South said. “The group all showed great improvement in their skills and confidence and on the last session they went for a ride that included some challenging hills in the Forrestfield area”.

The course was held at Hartfield Park Recreation Centre and was run by accredited AustCycle Teachers Paul Loring and Rael Belterman. Loring told AustCycle that the participants made great progress during the sessions, which made him proud as a Teacher.

“One lady had never ridden in her life,” Loring said. “But now she is able to ride a short way unaided, and another lady was fearful of riding at the start due to an incident in her youth, but now she is riding with everyone else! I also had the mum of a young, intelligent but quite frail man tell me that cycling has just about saved her son’s life. She said that getting back in to cycling has motivated him to do other things and during the course he got a new job in a restaurant”.

“We also had Ron participate, who is over 80-years old, and he has just bought a bike from Big W so that he can start riding by himself, and two other men who are not very able walkers now have a means of recreation”.

To encourage the participants to continue riding beyond the program, Cycle WA distributed free AustCycle funded helmets to each person.

 “This is the first AustCycle course that has been run in the Shire of Kalamunda and we are delighted with its success in the community,” South said. “Of those that participated in the course and provided feedback, all of them said they intended to continue cycling. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome”.

The Be Active Cycle Instead Bike Skills Program can coordinate AustCycle programs for school groups, workplaces, events, community groups or private lessons. Contact Cycling WA for on (08) 9328 3422 or email claire.south@cycling.org.auwith any enquiries.

For more information about AustCycle and the cycle programs that are available visit our website at http://www.austcycle.com.au or email info@austcycle.com.au


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