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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

City of Salisbury gets local residents back on bikes!

Helping the general community get back on their bikes, as well as running courses for the Migrant Resource Centre, has kept South Australian AustCycle Teachers busy this year, with six cycle courses just rolled out in The City of Salisbury.

Getting more people cycling has been the goal, and Cathie Graham, Healthy Communities Coordinator at the City of Salisbury, said reception to the program has been great so far.

“The courses have been very well received,” Cathie told AustCycle. “We had very good feedback and people really appreciated the opportunity to learn new skills and rediscover riding”.

Participants came along to the cycle lessons for a variety of reasons, but the majority wanted to get back into riding after a long hiatus – and they wanted to do so safely.

“Many people had not been on a bike in a long time. They liked the opportunity to learn to ride in a safe environment. Safety was a big component – a lot of people are hesitant to use the road”.

Most participants have indicated that they will continue to ride after completion the course, and interest in doing so has been so high that social riding groups will be run from this Spring, to further promote cycling and encourage people to ride on local trails.

If you’re interested in getting back on your bike or finding out more about the social riding group, contact Cathie Graham on (08) 8406 8478.


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