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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

AustCycle participants set their sights on Amy’s Ride SA


In just ten days time Amy’s Ride SA will be on again, and this year a group of AustCycle participants from Onkaparinga will be using their new bike handling skills to join in the fun. 

The group was taught cycle training by accredited Teacher and Provider Lee-Anne Fleming as part of the Healthy Communities Initiative, and it was during this training course that they set their sights on joining in the ride.

“We knew about Amy’s Ride because it is a big event in South Australia and it also ends right where we were doing our AustCycle training course,” Lee-Anne said. “We were talking about the ride amongst ourselves and a couple of the participants ears pricked up and they said ‘can we do it?’ So we looked into it for them and that was that”.

Lee-Anne will be joining in with around five to seven of her participants, who will be riding a combination of bicycles and trikes. The group plans to attempt the 18km Family Shiraz Trail ride between McLaren Vale and Willunga, which is run on a sealed-off road path and includes refreshments.

“Honestly, we don’t know if we’ll do the full 18 kms,” Lee-Anne told AustCycle. “But, since it’s an out and back ride we can just do 5km out and then come back and do 10kms all up if we need to”.

Amy’s Ride is one of the largest community bike rides in South Australia and several different options are available to suit riders of all ages and abilities. It will be held on Sunday, 4 November and will mark the 5th edition of the South Australian ride.

Over 3,000 people take part in the ride annually, which is held to support the work of the Amy Gillett Foundation and to raise much needed funds to support their work and road safety campaigns in South Australia.

The Foundation was born out of tragedy, the death of Amy Gillett, who was hit by an out of control motorist whilst cycling with her National Team mates in Germany. The funds raised in 2012 will enable the foundation to introduce a new bike safety awareness tool-kit directly into communities in SA via an online portal, based on the successful ‘a metre matters’ campaign.

For more information on Amy’s Ride SA visit their website and to find out more about Ride-A-Bike Right visit their Facebook Page for regular updates.


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