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Monday, 17 December 2012

After 30 years, Annie gets back on a bike

Annie Denley from Mid-Western has gotten back on a bike for the first time in three decades and now plans to travel around WA with her bike in tow.

Thirty years ago an accident resulted in Annie falling off her bike and breaking both arms. Since the accident the fear of falling has prevented Annie from cycling, but she recently signed up for AustCycle lessons in an attempt to overcome this fear.

Annie said she was “nervous as hell” when she turned up to her first lesson but that it was something she wanted to do, ‘the first thing on her bucket list’.

Completing the course has given Annie the skills and confidence to ride again and she now wants to take her bike and travel around Western Australia, proving yet again that no matter your fear, your age or your skills – learning to cycle is possible.

The AustCycle course was run as part of the Mid-Western Regional Council’s Live Smart Healthy Community Program and was instructed by accredited AustCycle Teacher Amanda Whiles.

Healthy Community Coordinator Cathy Leisfield said the AustCycle lessons encourage residents to try a healthier, cleaner mode of transportation and she hopes more courses can be run in 2013.

“We have funding up until June of 2014 which ensures longevity for the program, but to continue that we need to have the demand”.

So if you’re interested in participating in AustCycle training in the Mid-Western area contact Cathy on (02) 6378 2719 or visit their website for more informationhttp://www.midwestern.nsw.gov.au/Community-Services/HealthyCommunities



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