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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Addventageous takes on Parramatta

SHW 107

Kids and adults in the city of Parramatta have been making the most of free cycle training this September, gaining the confidence needed to get back on their bikes as well as learning how to ride safely in traffic. 

The most recent cycle skills program, a Learn to Ride workshop for Sistahood, was run by AustCycle Provider Addventageous and was held at the Granville Youth and Community Recreation Centre.

Owner and accredited AustCycle Teacher Charlene Bordley ran the girls only course and said the day was an absolute success.

“The girls were fantastic,” Charlene said. “Both staff and girls completed bike fleet and safety checks, as well as learning bike handling skills. The skills of how to balance, break and corner were taught through fun and active games”.

“The girls finished with a group ride around the block with our AustCycle Teachers,” she added. “They are now looking forward to the next session where they will ride on shared cycle paths away from the Centre”.

Moana Keepa, Facility Coordinator at the Youth Centre, said that there are plans to run another bicycle program with Charlene, this time with boys.

“It was a really great and successful workshop,” Moana said. “We are hoping to run a recycle bicycle program for the boys because a lot of them were asking why it was girls only, which shows there is a lot of interest here around cycling”.

In addition to running workshops at the Community Centre, Charlene has also been holding Road Safety courses for Parramatta City Council.

The free courses were open to the general public and held at George Kendle Reserve. They were designed to teach local residents how to ride in a traffic environment, learning skills such as how to manoeuvre roundabouts and travel through intersections.

“Families navigated their way through roundabouts and intersections with stop and give way signs, and children were even calling out for people to please use the pedestrian crossing,” Charlene said. “Anyone with training wheels was encouraged to remove them and they were assisted to ride by our AustCycle Teachers. The smiles on both the children and parents faces when this happened said it all”.

Addventageous is able to run cycle skills programs for both beginner or intermediate riders, so if you want to get active and outside now that the weather is warm, contact Charlene on 0430 130 670 or visit her Facebook page here. To find out more about AustCycle visit our website http://www.austcycle.com.au




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