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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A disability group in Cardinia shows AustCycle Teacher a different side of cycling

AustCycle Teachers in Cardinia have been working with a community support group for adults with a disability to help get more people in the community active and back on bikes.

The learn-to-ride programs are being funded by Cardinia Shire Council as part of the Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI), with six courses being run over a seven-week period.

Doug Moody, accredited AustCycle Teacher, said there are various skill levels amongst the young adults at the moment but he hopes some of them will be able to continue to ride unassisted when the course finishes.

“Nearly all of them are riding unaided at the moment,” Moody said. “Probably only two or three of them will get on the road, but most of them have decided that they want to ride along the Yarra River when they’re done. That’s their end goal”.

“Not everyone is coming along to each session,” he added. “We had eight turn up the first week, thirteen the next and then fifteen this week, so it is growing nicely”.

Moody said the course is going really well so far and he is surprised at what he has been able to get from it as well.

“Working with this group has really opened my eyes up,” he said. “Any time someone achieves a new milestone or a new goal it is a major celebration for everyone, and everyone is excited. That is just so different to competitive cycling where everyone is in it for themselves, it is very nice to watch. Working with this type of group is probably something more AustCycle Teachers should do”.


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